More than 80 Old Shebbearians attended this year’s dinner at the RAF Club where, as well as being served an excellent meal, they took the opportunity to catch up with old friends.

The President, Lester Bird, spoke of the success of the various events of the year, particularly the Michaelmas Ball in September which saw 350 parents, staff and old Shebbearians gather under canvas for a splendid night of music, food and drink. He then thanked Bob Barnes for his tremendous service to the college and there followed the first of numerous standing ovations for the headmaster.

2013 OSA President Jim Hancock

2013 OSA President Jim Hancock

Bob Barnes then reported on another very successful year for the college, both academically and in extra-curricular activities and said he was grateful for the continued support of the association.

The officers were duly elected and Mark Creedy, a former President, was elected to replace the retiring David Shorney as treasurer of the War Memorial Trust Fund. Mark thanked David for his outstanding work over a number of years in building up the Fund to its present state.

James Hancock, the incoming President, and Mike Tucker, Vice President, spoke briefly of the honour of being elected and assured those present that they would do their job to the best of their ability. James added his thanks to Lester for his hard work on organizing such a successful event and said that he hoped to be able to continue forging stronger links between the college and the association.