Cyril Barfoot, senior maths and physics master at Shebbear from 1943-57, has died at the age of 93.

He came to Shebbear as one of J.B.Morris’s first recruits with a 1st Class mathematics degree from Birmingham University. Many Shebbearians had reason to be grateful for “his beautifully lucid teaching”.

He was also a first rate model engineer, photographer, stage electrician and scoutmaster of Troop 3.

He left Shebbear for a similar post at Edgehill when his children, two girls and a boy, began to get older and it was necessary to move to Bideford for their education.

While at Edgehill, he was appointed to the permanent panels of examiners for Oxford University O-levels and London University A-levels.

It kept him “more than fully occupied” during the months of June, July and December.

Only a few years ago he was a guest of honour at the OSA President’s reception, following Speech Day at Shebbear.

A Quaker funeral service took place in Bideford on February 14, 2008.